We research and develop digital app & web using

smart augmented reality & virtual reality technology,
With coloring art content with storytelling, analog content and
Provides pleasant and amazing service that combines digital solutions.

Smart thinking makes your imagination a reality.

Every story in the world meets innovative IT skills (augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) services
Smart people are at the center to create a fusion of analog and digital services.

Smart innovation creates differentiated services.

It combines the art of coloring art with the theme of travel and story, and IT technology of augmented reality,

from planning to design to production and distribution.

We communicate with customers and companies with special experience and sense.

Smart value changes your digital life.

We showcase the services of SMARTHAN through large-scale exhibitions both overseas and domestic, and carrying out projects jointly with various global partners.
  SmartHan differentiated services are changing the lifestyles around the world.



• 2018  

-Provision of teaching aids materials for the Sejong Foundation

Development of JSOL 'Global Leader' App

Development InterparkAR Content

An Augmented Reality Linked <Angry Birds> Coloring World Travel App Launch

Development of Emergency Digital Textbooks

Development of Electronic Books of Korea for the International Exchange Foundation

Development of Augmented Reality Content for the San Jordi Festival in Kyobo Bookstore

Development of the Catalonia Poster by the Trade-Investment Agency in Catalonia


• 2017  

-Cultural Property Administration Seowon Digital Web (Web)
-Naver Culture Foundation Free e-book business 'Play Jam Jam' app development
-Developed e-book by Korea Foundation
-Development of content for AR Foundation
-Developed fossil coloring poster for Hwaseong city dinosaur
-Robio 'Angry Birds' Coloring Poster Development
-City Story Coloring World Map Poster Development

-City Story Coloring Space Poster Development

-City Story Coloring London Poster Development


-Developed tbs eFM digital magazine app for Seoul Metropolitan Government
-Three Sity Story Coloring Pocket Poster
-Cultural Property Administration Seowon Digital Web (Web) Selected as a provider of 'Seowon in my hand'
-Received an order from the Korea Procurement Service by the Korea Foundation for International Exchange
-Selected as a company to develop fossil Augmented Reality (AR) coloring poster for Hwaseong city dinosaur
-Signed global licensing agreement with Robio 'Angry Birds' character


- Development of functional app game game rock paper and patent registration
Selected as a coloring poster product by Korea Daily Digital Innovation
- Selected as K-CT short idea business support project by Korea Creative Content Agency
- Genius education Milk T app UX, UI design development
- Seven City Story Coloring Poster Launched
- Linked to Augmented Reality <Taoyo> Coloring World Travel Poster Products and App Launch


-Technology Guarantee Fund Venture Registration - Electronic Publishing Solution
-Teacher preschool, solutoi, owl bookcase Educational app contents development
-Woongjin Publishing Co. develop functional education game
-Teacher Nuri Drip Educational App 2 and 4 Content Development
-Developed Chinese Smart Learning to learn by film and broadcasting university
-Kyunghee University webzine development


-Established SMART HAN Corporation
-Tomokizu App development for infant education contents
-Johnson & Johnson develops app catalog for drug product promotion
-Seongnam Industry Support Foundation
-Teacher preschool education application 1st stage content development
-Developed App Content for Inha University
-Received the Korea Electronics Publishing Association Global Award


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