Mobile App & Web

Tayo Coloring World Travel AR, Super AR Viewer App, Lee soon Shin AR, Kaywon Top Christmas Card AR, Seongnam City Street Raffle AR, Palace Palace develops and provides various AR contents such as Yeongwon Tourist Guide AR.

Producing various app & web contents using advanced technology such as GPS & VR.
The Cultural Heritage Administration Mobile Web 'Seo Won in Your Hand' introduces a nationwide community-based vocational education system and suggests ways to utilize vocational vocabulary efficiently.

'milkT' is a parent-only child-learning management application that allows you to easily check your child's progress and see your child's learning results at a glance.

Math Wang Koko-mong, which recommends the learning stage through math diagnostic evaluation, and the plant information app 'Hello!' 'Future Little Phonics', which provides fun and educational effects such as 'Plants', voice recording and follow-up writing and singing, 'Intensive Chinese', an interactive appbook combining Chinese textbooks and Internet multimedia, He has produced a lot of contents such as 'Taste that he knows', Solutoi 'Owl bookcase', and the contents of this pub 3.0.

Johnson & Johnson offers a variety of functions and effects such as animation graphs, detailed information, relevant papers, and thumbnail view functions. Produced 'Robot Taekwon V' app brochure that introduces the app brochure, 3D Taekwon V introduction, character introduction and Taekwon V Omaju video.

Naver Culture Foundation Free e-book business 'play jamjam' Appbook development. IDol Book (Idol Book), a personalized service that combines educational contents and ePubs, videos, tutorial guides, webtoons planning and production, photo books and sticker products that can help children to form correct behavior habits and discernment.

'Doosan Dong-A Science' contents provide a variety of beneficial functions and effects that can not be implemented in offline textbooks such as planning and reconstructing a science offline textbook in the first grade of junior high school, viewing thumbnails, flipping pages, solving problems, confirming correct answers, and making puzzles.
Based on teaching materials, 'Inha University Diet' contents are produced for educational purposes with interesting information on diet.

The 'Heated Mats' application is designed to control the ON / OFF function and the hot water temperature remotely. It is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control app that can control the hot water mat and a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) (BMC, Fat, Lean) in grams by analyzing bone mineral density (BMD) and body composition (BM) for laboratory animals.

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