Coloring Product

It is an anti-stress coloring poster that color-paints with the family, Jingu and colored stories about the landmarks of famous cities in the world and shares exciting stories about urban culture and history. City Story Coloring is currently available in various cities such as New York, Paris, Rome, Beijing, London, World Map, Seoul, Dokdo and Bukchon, and you can choose from two large posters and small posters.

It is a storytelling coloring game that uses the Augmented Reality AR function with Tayo on the extra large poster. It is a new concept coloring product that displays the 3D image and animation by recognizing the color which the user painted, delighting the city and downloading the app and illuminating the landmark, and conveying the pleasure and information live. Taiyo Coloring World Travel Large poster, small poster, can choose from three sets of three sets.

It is a coloring game product based on the famous landmark of London, New York and Beijing which is the world famous sightseeing city. Storytelling coloring poster that coloring with global popular character Angry Bird and sharing exciting stories of city culture and history is.

It is a pocket-sized product that is easy to carry and consists of posters filled with famous landmarks in Seoul, New York and Paris, and cool decor stickers. It is a color therapy product that paints various stories overflowing around famous landmarks of each city, and feels everyday healing and fills sensitivity.

Seoul, London and Beijing. It is a product that helps to improve creativity, sense of accomplishment and concentration by coloring and completing large and beautiful pictures drawn according to the eye of the child.

The 3D Zoom Reality app is applied to the coloring game, the user paints colors to create your own zoo, augmented reality apps to illuminate the wonderful and fun zoo story is a product to enjoy stereoscopic animation. The Earth Zoo is divided into four categories: Aquarium, Safari, Sky World, and Dinorland, which are divided into habitat for children's favorite animals. You can get learning effect in four languages including Hangul, English, Chinese and Japanese.

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